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"We Get Real"

The negative impact of incest on society cannot be exaggerated.  It eats away at us from within like an undetected  cancer.


Sex in families is supposedly "taboo."  That has always been a lie.  Nowadays, as individuals and couples have become increasingly more selfish, close relationships have become highly controlled, frustrating, and devoid of emotional nurturing. 


The incidence of incest (parental sexual abuse) has risen dramatically in cultures all over the world.  The personal, interpersonal, and financial costs are staggering.




Our Primary Goal is to Distribute Our
Relevant Findings as Widely as Possible


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Our Mission

To expose the historic cover-up about the frequency of a widespread, shameful, and hurtful parental practice.  To advance understanding about the devastating, long-term negative effects that parental sexual abuse have on an abused child.   


The Key Message 

Incest and parental sexual abuse are rampant in the majority of families.  The devastating negative effects that relate to this humiliating and degrading experience are typically put onto other "causes."  Personal and societal denial, coupled with medical deceptions, are negatively affecting the day-to-day physical and psychological well-being of hundreds of millions of children, teens, and parents globally.


Extremely selfish parents typically wreak havoc on their babies, young children, and teenagers in conscious and subconscious ways.  They create ongoing mental, emotional, physical, and sexual trauma, stress, and pain.  They do so subconsciously with suppressed negative and controlling psychic energies.  These hidden forces are added to the repulsive, humiliating, and demeaning physical sexual acts abusive parents regularly force upon their offspring.


A Special Message


Our research estimates that more than 70% or more people walking around have had a long-term sexual experience with at least one of their parents (some estimates are higher).  A shocking percentage were sexually abused by both their mothers and fathers secretly and separately during most of their growing up years.


Ironically, it is highly likely that every incestuous parent is also an incest survivor who was deeply hurt and psychologically wounded by his or her abusive parent as a child.  Most incestuous parents consciously vow never to use and hurt their children in those ways, but because they never properly deal with their toxic feelings, selfish behavior patterns, and destructive reactions, history keeps repeating itself as they are reactively and subconsciously are driven to cross inappropriate sexual lines.


Reaction to incest is a hidden causal factor in every serious mental, emotional, behavioral, and sexual disorder.  Nevertheless, the medical establishment (for self-interested reasons) insists on covering-up this crucial fact.  Professionals typically displace causes of disorders and dysfunctions outside of what happened in the home with parents, and outside the patient's selfish, reactive choices, onto unproven and unrelated “biological” causes.


Incest is a serious betrayal that destroys a person’s ability to trust others.  Clues to incest are everywhere.  Reaction to the experience accounts for why sexuality and violence are such strong and disproportionate aspects of the media and daily life.  The reaction also explains why, in some cultures, open sexuality is so strongly suppressed.

What You Will Find on this Site

  • Challenging and insightful articles about incest. 

  • Samples of clairvoyant case studies generated by Jean Mastellone that reveal hidden, subconscious, parent-related factors that negatively affect an incest survivors ongoing well-being and life experience.

  • Reasonably-priced books jam-packed with information that enhances understanding about our humanity, the subconscious, and serious disorders.


Where the Information Came From

The information emerged during a 30-year independent research project whose objective was to discover the true source of negative human behavior and negative experience. 


Neil Mastellone has directed the project and interacted in the field with many hundreds of deeply troubled and highly reactive "friends."  He freely offered his time and provided understanding about mental, emotional, behavioral, sexual problems, and self-healing. 


Jean Mastellone can see deeply into the human subconscious mind.  She joined the project and has assisted Neil since 1989.  To date, she has generated over 1200 psychological case studies.  They include numerous reports about psychological interactions she observed occurring between fetuses, infants, and their mothers and fathers, starting from early inside the womb.




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Unborn babies are extremely perceptive and psychologically sophisticated. They understand and suffer greatly from their parent's subconscious negative psychological intentions, thoughts, and feelings.


The causes of autism are not biological.  The true causes of autistic symptoms are subconscious, psychological, and parent-related.


All of the gays we interacted with admitted to having been sexually abused by both their parents during most of their growing up years.

Double-parent incest plays a hidden role and is the primary source of a homosexual person’s preference, reactions, and pain.


Even abortions performed in a modern medical facility are not "safe."  Parents who abort a baby always suffer painful mental and emotional aftereffects. 


Cutting-edge information that challenges scientific-medical views that wrongly treat mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders as "biological diseases."


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